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The Importance of Shapes and Colors in Logos

Paul Rand said that design is the silent ambassador of your brand. Continuing his thought we can add that a logo designs is the heart of a brand identity which presents the personality of a company or a product. If you want to set the connection with the target audience and tell the story of a brand, starting with a logo would be a good choice.

So let us discuss the importance of the visual components of a logo such as their color and shapes which are vital for compelling visual perception and also look at some examples.

Psychology in Logo Design

To make an effective logo, designers have to consider the tiniest components of which it is built and think about the influence they will have on potential clients. The science studying the impact of various factors on the human mind and behavior is known as psychology. Knowledge of psychological principles helps to understand human aspirations and motivations which means designers can predict the possible users’ reactions to certain solutions.

People may not notice but the mind often reacts to visual objects affecting emotions and behavior. In our previous articles, we described two psychology branches that study the impact of shapes and colors on people’s visual perception. In short, each color and shape tends to be perceived with its own meaning, so when we look at a visual object our brain receives a certain message and reacts according to what we see.

By comprehending the role of color and shape psychology, design experts can control the meaning a logo contributes. Each component chosen thoughtfully helps people read the meaning of the logo right and helps companies provide top-notch logo design services.

Color in logo design

The research provided by Colorcom showed that it takes only 90 seconds for people to make a subconscious judgment about a product and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. That’s why the success of the brand strategy depends largely upon the colors chosen for the logo design. Colors are a vital factor for not only the visual appearance of products but also brand recognition.

However, the color choice shouldn’t be based on the common meaning alone. Visual perception is quite individual for everyone so the color effects may be different because of factors such as age, culture, and gender. For example, children like the orange color pretty much, but as we become adults it usually seems less attractive. Moreover, there are many cultural differences in color definition. To make sure the color will work effectively for a brand strategy, it’s vital to consider the preferences of the target audience.

Shape in logo design

All visual objects can be analyzed in terms of shape. People may not always notice what figures and shapes surround them still they have a great impact on our consciousness and behavior. Many years of research and tests have helped professionals define what meaning each shape typically brings and how it can influence human perception. For example, squares and rectangles mean discipline, strength, courage, security, and reliability. Triangles mean excitement, risk, danger, balance, and stability. Circles, ovals, and ellipses mean eternity, female, the universe, magic, mystery, and abstract shapes mean the duality of meaning, uniqueness, and elaboration.

For creating a logo, designers should work on the shapes applied as well as pay attention to the typeface chosen for the wordmark. If you’re confused about these factors when designing a logo yourself, you can always avail of professional logo design services in the dubai UAE.

Practical Examples/Cases


The logo was created for LunnScape company specializes in landscaping services for commercial properties like office and courtyard spaces, parks, etc. A brand sign is presented with a mascot of a dragonfly.  company is based in Florida and the creature is a perfect representative of a regional fauna. Moreover, a logo with an insect helps customers understand the nature of the services.

The dragonfly illustration has a simplified style so its wings look like flower leaves. The logo consists of several colors. The turquoise circle with a dragonfly gives a solid stamp effect and brings calming feelings. Also, the color is associated with refreshment and energy, so it creates the right mood around the brand. The wings of the dragonfly combine yellow and pink colors. Together these colors symbolize joy, warmth, and a bit of sensitivity making a dragonfly look playful. The wordmark typography complements and also unveils the core brand services of the company due to the thin and elegant font.


One more identity design project connected to the theme of landscape and nature was the logo for Andre Landscape. The final choice was made on the combination mark presenting the mascot in clear simple forms and elegant lettering echoing the rounded shapes. Symbols resulted in a new shape combining the visual concept of a bird and a leaf in one image based on the circle. The rounded shape is easily associated with the universe and eternity, quite positive stuff to transfer the idea of professional land care. The color combination is also connected with the nature of the offered services with vibes of green and natural background.

In conclusion, the success of branding highly relates to logo design Dubai. By considering the influence of colors and shapes on human psychology, you can create compelling brand signs yourself or with the help of a logo design company, which in turn will allow you to connect with the audience by showcasing the accurate message of your respective brand.

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